How to Join Ajio Affiliate Program : Ajio Affiliate Commission Rate

Ajio Affiliate Program

Ajio is a unique fashion e-store that offers a wide range of products to its customers and a great Ajio Affiliate Program to its partners.

Ajio Affiliate Commission Rate

Ajio Affiliate Program

With a specially curated collection of national and international brands, ethnic wear and all kinds of fashion accessories available on the site, promoting the Ajio affiliate program is very easy. You can check all Ajio Affiliate Commission Rates on this page.

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AJIO is a popular online shopping site, a digital fashion extension of Reliance. Apart from their own private label, they also bring exclusive international brands to their audience. Minimum 50% off is available at AJIO. They usually take around 2-9 working days to deliver their products.

What is Ajio Affiliate Program:


Friends, before telling you how to Join Ajio Affiliate Program and Ajio Affiliate Program Commission Rate, let me tell you what Ajio Affiliate Program actually is. Friends and how does this work.

Friends Ajio Affiliate Program works same to same as Amazon Affiliate Program and Filpcart Affiliate Program works in the same way. Let me tell you easily about the working of Ajio Affiliate Program, it is that when you sell a person’s goods to another person, then you will get some percentage of the goods you have sold as commission. Gives money


You also benefit from this and that shopkeeper also benefits. All companies in this world run similar affiliate programs, the only difference is that the commission can be much less. This is called this Affiliate Program.

Ajio Affiliate Commission Rate :


Commission is the amount that an EarnKaro user earns on each order placed through their AJIO product link.

User Type Commission / Profit Rate


New user 8%
Old User 8%


Ajio Affiliate Program Benefits:

1. Earning potential

EarnKaro provides a great earning opportunity for affiliate marketers in India. Now, you can earn an average commission between Rs. 9,000 – Rs. 10,000/month. It may also extend up to Rs. 15,000 or more depending on the number of transactions done through their affiliate link.

2. Benefit Tracking and Confirmation Timelines

EarnCaro tracks AJIO orders usually within 1 hour of the transaction. It has the lowest average, if we talk about the missing percentage of AJIO transactions which is 10%. It takes 90 days for profit confirmation on EarnCaro. You can watch this video to understand why it takes time for your mileage to be confirmed.

3. Payment

You can easily find all the earnings earned through your AJIO link in your EarnKaro account.

This earned money can be easily transferred to your bank account as soon as your fixed profit is above Rs. 10. You can do this by making just one request.

4. No compliance issue

No documents are required to partner with EarnKaro and join the affiliate program. You can do this easily by downloading the app and sign-up by filling required details like your name, mobile number, e-mail ID and password.

5. Tools for Automation

EarnCaro’s special tools, also known as magic tools, can automate your deal sharing process. As it has been developed to simplify the process and make the link-sharing process more efficient. Telegram users, Facebook and WhatsApp group owners can make the most out of it.

How to Join Ajio Affiliate Program:




Friends, if you want to be a part of Ajio Affiliate Program, then you will have the first requirement of a smart phone or computer.
Friends, if you want to participate in Ajio Affiliate Program, then you must have a website / YouTube channel, app, without this you cannot become a partner in it.
Now friends you also need internet or wifi.
First of all, you have to turn on the internet, and open any browser on your mobile or computer.
Friends, now after opening the browser, you have to search Earn Karo in it.
Friends, now the result will come, click on the website which will be on the top and open it.
After the site is open, you will have to do Ajio Affiliate Program Registration there.
You will need a Gmail account to sign up.
You fill the information that is being sought there, and also create a password.
Now friends, you have to login there by clicking on sign in and filling your login ID and password.
Friends, now when you login successfully, then a page will open on your screen, you will reach the home page.
Friends, now on the home page, you will get the option of profile on the top side, you have to click on it.
After coming to the profile option, you will have to click on the option of partner’s profit rates.
Now friends, as soon as you click, you will get the options of Ajio Affiliate Program in front of you.
Now friends, you can search from there and make a link to any product, share it and earn commission.


Ajio Affilia

How to generate te Link:




Friends, if you want to generate a link to the product of Ajio Myntra, then you have to follow these steps.
Friends, first of all copy the link of the product you want to generate from Ajio’s website or app.
Now friends, you will have to go to Earn Karo website where Ajio Affiliate Program Account was created.
After coming to Earn Karo website, you have to click on Make Link there.
After clicking on Make Links, you will get the link of the product you copied.
Or paste the link of the product for which you want to generate the link in the make link section.
And generate the link by clicking on Make Profit Link, and share that link on your website, youtube channel, App.
Or share it on social media so that whoever buys that product from that link, you will get its benefit.


Why choose EarnKaro to become an AJIO Affiliate Marketer? ,

Here are the 3 best reasons why you should use EarnKaro to promote AJIO products:


Share the best and unique fashion deals from the biggest fashion brands (Levis, H&M, Armani, etc.) with friends, family and groups.
Earn commission on every fashion order placed through your AJIO link.
These earnings can be withdrawn as real cash in the bank account.


Important Details about AJIO Affiliate Program :


Payment – 8%
Campaign Type Cost Per Sale (CPS)
Relationship history 4 years
joining fee free
special coupons yes
online reporting
profit confirmation 90 days
deep linking possible yes
Earning 10% through referral program
missing percentage average 10%


tracking information :

Tracking time is the time a transaction is reflected in pending status in your EarnKaro account.


Tracking Time or Frequency – 1 hour
Cookie duration – 30 days
Web – Yes
Mobile Web – Yes
App No. – no
Deeplink – Yes
Multiple Conversions – Yes



Marketing Options for Promotion:


text link yes
banner yes
deals yes
coupon yes
cashback yes
email (text) yes
Custom Email (Text) Yes
Email (HTML) Yes
POP traffic yes
native ad yes
social media yes
facebook ads yes
SEM – not brand keywords
SEM – Generic Keyword Yes
SEM – Brand + Generic Keywords Yes


Payment Information :


payment term 6-8
Bank details required for payment only
Payment Type Na
Minimum clearance Na


AJIO Delivery Locations :

Ajio delivers to almost all major cities and towns in India. Whether Ajio delivers to your specific pin code or not can be checked while placing the order. Delivers to certain cities:





Why choose Ajio Affiliate Program? ,

Ajio is one of the best fashion eCommerce platform in India. Owned by one of the Indian business powerhouse Reliance, it is famous for its clothing collection of trendiest, freshest and most unique styles.

It has now become a favorite destination for teenagers and young generation in India as here you can find top international brands, it delivers to almost every location in India which again makes it more suitable for affiliates as it requires no There is no geographical challenge. Them.


Wide range of fashion products for online promotion:

Ajio deals in a variety of trending male, female and kid fashion clothing. Ajio offers trending clothing collection of popular national and international brands. Here are some of the product categories in which Ajio deals.

1. Men’s Fashion Products

Ajio offers a variety of options for men’s clothing and accessories. You can promote Men’s Footwear, Winterwear, Night & Loungewear, Western Wear and Innerwear from top national and international fashion brands within your network.

2. Women’s Fashion Products

There is a wide variety of women’s fashion products such as clothing, footwear & accessories, winterwear, beauty, fusion wear, ethnic wear, jewelry western wear, lingerie and innerwear, etc. Available to promote on Ajio.

3. Kids Fashion Products

Ajio also provides fashion products for kids. Here you can promote children’s clothing, toys and the BayCare collection to your network

4. Indie Fashion Products

At Ajio you can also find great indie products for promotion such as clothing, home goods, fashion jewelry, winterwear, footwear and regional specialties.

5. Home & Kitchen Products

Here you can get home and kitchen products such as bed linen, cushions and covers, curtains and accessories, carpets, rugs and rugs, food and kitchen, bath, home decor and stationery products to promote.

How does AJIO Affiliate work? ,

Share Details ➞ Get Orders ➞ Transfer Earnings to Bank

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