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 Top Ways to Make Money Online and Offline


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How to Make Money Easy Way




How do Websites Make Money

 Earning from Home:

Freelancing jobs are a good source of income. Women can do many types of work according to their convenience by staying at home. Write a blog or recipe for a website, do editing and proofreading for publication. Apart from this, there are also many options for drawings or crafts. You can also teach online through education websites. Apart from these, there are many freelancing jobs which you can choose according to your interest.

 Handmade Goods:

With the help of e-commerce, handmade things can be delivered to the customers. Suppose you make pickle and want to sell it then there is no need to open a shop for that. Only internet connection and payment merchant required. There are many famous e-commerce websites through which you can sell your goods. Login to that app or website and fill in the information. Upload baggage information and picture. The company will be responsible for delivering the goods to the customer. The company selling the goods will deduct some part of the commission and send the rest to your account.

 Day Care Center:

You can start a day-care center in a small room or at home. Busy parents will give you some hours of responsibility for their child. All you have to do is take care of the kids. Can organize some activities like sports, studies etc. Similarly, pet sitting service is also a good option for pets. In this, they can provide facilities like care or only keeping. Fees can be set by the hour.

 Online Guide :

Online guides can be made according to interest. If you are a foodie, then you can tell about the nearby restaurants in the blog, can suggest good restaurants. By becoming a travel guide, you can give information about tourist places. Precautions or hotel can recommend. You can also guide through video. Readers get paid for clicking and advertising on the blog. Earning is also done by getting views and likes on the video.

 Affiliate Marketing:

In this, through your website or blog, you have to share (refer) the link of the product of any other e-commerce website. Commission is earned from the same link. Sign-up on the e-commerce website of which you want to affiliate the product. Enter your name, e-mail id and bank account details etc. A dashboard will open showing multiple products. One of them is to choose a product. After selecting the goods, copy its link and share it on your blog or website. You can also connect it with social media.

How to Join Myntra Affiliate Program:

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Hello friends, welcome to our today’s article. Friends, nowadays the article is very special and very useful for you. In today’s article, I will tell you that you can earn money online from your smart phone sitting at home. That too very easily, just like I will tell you, you have to follow those steps and your earning will start. Read the article completely, you will definitely get help.

Friends, when it comes to money, you can understand that it is the first need today. In today’s inflationary era, if the site becomes income, then how much help do we get from it. If you do a job or you do your own business, then in today’s way you can earn extra money – stay till the end.

Friends, earning money online is very trending in today’s time. Earning money online is not too difficult, just you can earn using your mobile. In today’s time, people spend more time on the phone and if you would have done it too, then if you spend some time in earning money in mobile, then your site income will become very good.

You must be aware that when the lockdown was imposed, everyone’s business had stopped, then some people used to earn money online like this. So you also learn this trick, so that you too at such a time in the future (God forbid) then your earning will not stop.

Friends, if you go to the menu on my website and click on make money, then you will get articles about how to earn more money. With which you will be able to know the tricks of earning money in other ways. You can go through those articles.

Friends, the main point or point of today’s article is Affiliate Program. And this is from the Affiliate Program Myntra. You must be aware of Myntra, it has been a very trending company. On which every product will be available at the right price.

What is Myntra Affiliate Program:

Friends, before telling you how to join Myntra Affiliate Program and tell Myntra Affiliate Program Commission Rate, before that let me tell you what is Myntra Affiliate Program actually. Friends and how does this work?

Friends Myntra Affiliate Program works the same way as Amazon Affiliate Program and Filpcart Affiliate Program works in the same way. Let me tell you easily about the working of Myntra Affiliate Program, it is that when you sell someone’s goods to another person by yourself, then you will get some percentage of that same as commission. Gives money

You also benefit from this and that shopkeeper also benefits. All the companies in this world run such affiliate programs, the only difference is that the commission can be much less. It is called this Affiliate Program.

How to Work Myntra Affiliate Program (How Myntra Affiliate Program works):

Friends, the method of working of Myntra Affiliate Program is also the same as other companies adopt the method. Bus commission can be much less.

Friends, when you first login to Myntra Affiliate Program or complete the registration, then you become a partner in Myntra Affiliate Program.

After logging in to Myntra Affiliate Program, you allow the link of any product to be made Myntra from there, then you generate a link to the product with an offer and send it on any platform like social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram etc. And if you have your own website, then you can put that product on your site there or if you have a YouTube channel, then there too.

Now when you share a product link, and someone clicks on those links and buys / buys that product from there, then you get money in the form of commission on that product.

Whenever you share the link of the product, then anyone buys from there and doing so, the commission you get keeps coming in Myntra Affiliate Program Balance and when it becomes 1000 rupees when it is in your bank account. Money will come. And in this way you can earn a lot.

Some important things of Myntra Affiliate Program:

Friends, let me tell you that Myntra does not have its own Affiliate Program. If you want to participate in Myntra Affiliate Program, then you have to use Alternative. In this way you can earn a lot of income by joining Myntra Affiliate Program. In today’s article, I will tell you about how to join Myntra Affiliate Program, so that you will get approval from there quickly. And your earning will start.

How to Join Myntra Affiliate Program:

  •     Friends, if you want to be a part of Myntra Affiliate Program, then you will first need a smart phone or computer.
  •     Friends, if you want to participate in Myntra Affiliate Program, then you must have a website / YouTube channel, app, without this you cannot become a partner in it.
  •     Now friends you also need internet or wifi.
  •     First of all, you have to turn on the Internet, and open any browser on your mobile or computer.
  •     Friends, after opening the browser, you have to search Earn Karo in it.Friends, now the result will come, you have to open it by clicking on the website at the top.
    After the site is opened, you will have to do Myntra Affiliate Program Registration there.
    You will definitely need a Gmail account to sign up.
    You fill in the information that is being asked there, and also create a password.
    Now friends, by clicking on sign in, you have to login there by filling your login ID and password.
    Friends, now when you will login successfully, then a page will open on your screen, you will reach the home page.
    Friends, now on your home page, you will get the option of profile in the top side, you have to click on it.
    After coming to the profile option, you have to click on the option of partner s profit rates there.
    Now friends, as soon as you click, you will get the options of Myntra Affiliate Program in front of you.
    Now friends, by searching from there, you can share the link of any product and earn commission.

    How to Generate Myntra Affiliate Link:

    •     Friends, if you want to generate the link of Myntra’s product, then you have to follow these steps:
    •     Friends, first of all, copy the link of the product whose link you want to generate from Myntra’s website or app.
    •     Now friends, you have to go to the Earn Karo website where Myntra Affiliate Program Account was created.
    •     After coming to the Earn Karo website, you have to click on Make Link there.
    •     After clicking on Make Links, the product of which you copied the link.
    •     Or paste the link of that product in the section containing the make link of whichever product you want to generate the link.
    •     And generate the link by clicking on Make Profit Link, and share that link on your website, youtube channel, App.
    •     Or share it on social media so that whoever buys that product from that link, then you get the benefit of it.

    How much does Myntra Affiliate Program Commission get:

    Friends, if you sell a product through Myntra Affiliate Program, then Myntra gives you a commission for that product. Friends, you can earn commission by becoming a part of Myntra Affiliate Program through Earn Karo.

    Friends Earn Karo Affiliate Program your –

    New Users – 8.50 %

    Old Users – 4.50 %

    Gives commission to

    Friends, in this Affiliate Program, you get different commission on different category wise different products. You get paid according to the category you choose.

    Basic Information About Affiliate Program:

    Payment : 8% profit up to
    Campaign type: Cost per sale
    payment period : 6-8 days
    Join Fees : Free
    Details Required for Payment : Your Bank Account Number and other required details
    Payment Type : NEFT
    special coupon : Yes
    Minimum withdrawal: Rs 10
    Profit Confirmation Time : 90 days
    Deep Linking : Yes
    referral earning : 10%

    Benefits of Myntra Affiliate Program:

     Friends, you can earn up to Rs 10,000-20,000 every month through Myntra Affiliate Program.
        Friends, this income can also increase your income.
        Myntra tracks its order within an hour of its transaction.
        Through Myntra you will be missing percentage of 10%.
        It takes 90 days for your profit to be confirmed.
        In the app Myntra Affiliate Program, you get very good withdrawal facility.
        You can do minimum transaction up to Rs.10.
        You can join Earn Karo’s Myntra Affiliate Program for free.
        And you will not even need any other documents.
        You can join Myntra Affiliate Program through your name, email address, password, mobile no.
        In this you get another facility that you can earn money by sharing product links with the help of whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram to earn.



 Jio Phone Se Paise Kaise Kamaye  :-

Today’s article is special because today I will tell you about online earning.

This article is only for Jio phone users. If you have a jio phone i.e. you use jio phone then there is a good chance for you jio phone se online paise kamane. Because today in this post I will tell about Jio Phone Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Online.

In this world and in today’s knowledge, every person wants to earn money online sitting at home, because in today’s life many young people and people are unemployed, then want to earn money from this online technology.

You have a Jio phone and you must be thinking that only those who have smart phone can earn money online. But it is not so, friends, you can also earn money online from Jio phone.

Jio phone is the cheapest and smartest mobile of our India country, and the price of this jio phone is 1500 rupees. And the PM of our country also gave Jio phone free only whose Jan Dhan account was open.

What is Jio Phone?

Jio Phone was released in July 2017. This was India’s first keypad 4G phone. In which front camera supports Android apps like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Jio TV. That is, a cheap, beautiful, durable and 4G phone.

How to earn money online from Jio phone – Jio Phone Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Online 2022 :-

You can also use WhatsApp Facebook Instagram in Jio Phone and it has also given advanced features like front camera which is very good for us according to a cheap smart phone, let’s see how to earn money online from Jio phone:

1. Earn money online by blogging in Jio Phone :-

Friends, you can earn money online by blogging even in that small phone. Do not think that blogging can be done only in smart phones, laptops, PCs.

To do blogging, you should have a passion, in which field or in whichever subject you have very good knowledge, you just have to make a blog on it.

To create a blog, first of all you will need an email id, and all you have to do is go to Google and search blogger and go to it and login with your mail id. And then there you have to keep the title of your blog related to your niche, and then you will also have to create a url, keep in mind that only that name in the url should be unique. And then write the description. Your blog is just started, now you write articles on it, and earn money online by taking approval from Adsense.

2. Earn Money Online by Creating Youtube Channel in Jio Phone :-

Friends, you are a Jio phone user and you must have been watching YouTube videos in your mobile, then you must have also come to your mind that you should also make youtube videos.

You too can earn money online by creating YouTube channel in Jio phone. In this also you have to select your niche category.

To create a YouTube channel in Jio phone, you will also need an email id, and then you will have to turn on the internet of your mobile, then open YouTube in your Jio phone and click on 3 ticks there and On that click on create chaanel and you have to enter the name of your channel and also write description.

Just now you have to make a video on the subject of the category you have created a channel from your own Jio phone and upload it to your channel and after completing 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours, you can earn money online from Jio phone after taking approval from Adsense. Huh.

3. Earn money online by playing games in Jio Phone :-

If you like to play games then this method will be best for you. You can earn money online by playing games in jio phone.

You can earn money online by downloading the app that earns money by playing games from play store in jio phone or android phone.

You must have had a lot of time in the day, you can earn online by playing the game in your Jio phone at that time.

4. How to earn money from Facebook

You can also earn money online through Facebook from your Jio phone. Earning money from Facebook in Jio phone is very easy, because in this only you will need Jio phone and internet.

You have to open Facebook on your phone and then login to Facebook. After that you have to create a Facebook page and by working hard on it, increase your followers and then you can earn money online by putting ads on that page.

5. Earn Money with Paytm Recharge in Jio Phone


You can also earn money online from jio phone. For that, you have to first open the Jio Store by turning on the internet in your phone and then download Paytm from there. After that you have to add your bank account after login in Paytm.

You can earn money by recharging your friends and relatives and acquaintances from Paytm, that means when you recharge with Paytm, you will get cash bank, you will earn from it.

You can also earn cash back by paying electricity and water bill from Paytm. And you can also get cash back by sending money. You can earn cash on more vouchers in it.

6. Earn money online from Affiliate Program in Jio Phone:

Friends, you can earn money from Jio phone also through affiliate program. Through affiliate program, you can get commission on any product.

To be a part of Affiliate Program, you have to create an account by visiting amazon, filpcart, meesho, Mantra etc which run such programs.

and then youShare any product from there, which you want on social media, now if you buy any of your shared from there, then you can get a good commission.

7. Earn Money Online in Jio Phone from Quora:

Friends, the trend of earning money from Quora is going on right now, so you should also take advantage of it. You can earn your online earning even by earning money from Quora.

To earn money from Quora, you must first create an account by going to Quora’s website from Google search. Then you will come across many user questions that you will receive by email, just answering those questions. You can also answer the question already given there, the more questions you answer, then you can earn a lot of money with Quora.

8. Earn Money Online Through Jio Chat:

You can also earn money through jio chat. When you share jio chat, you can earn up to 2000 rupees.

First of all you have to download Jio Chat app from Jio Store in your phone. After that login with Jio phone number. After that you will have been given a referral link there, you have to share it with your friends on WhatsApp Facebook and social media accounts.

After that whoever installs that app, then you will get referral money, from which your income will be.

9. Earn Money Online from Jio Phone by Url Shortner:

Friends, you can earn money by shortening the url in Jio phone. There are many such platforms on the Internet where you can shorten the link. You can earn money online by shortening the link and sharing it on your social media account.

Believe it because you can earn a lot of money from it.

10. How To Earn Money With Neobucks/ Swagbuck:

Friends, you can also earn money online from Swagbucks or neobucks in Jio phone. You must have come to know about Buck Site from somewhere, so this swagbuck is also the same, by going here you just have to create an account, that is, signup. After this you will come across many aids in front of you, you just have to play them or just watch, then you will get money there.

But I will not ask you to go there because it may be a fake site and can harm your phone or virus may come in your jio phone.


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